Welcome to Bay Isle at Black Lake-Winter Garden

Welcome to the official website of the Bay Isle at Black Lake Homeowners Association from the HOA Board of Directors.  Here you can find community updates, review HOA documents, access the architectural change applications and contact information for the community manager.  

Bay Isle HOA Board of Directors
Mark Gallarelli, President
Gregory McGowan, VP and Treasurer
Allison Wengert, Director
Abraham Lim, Treasurer
Barbara Owens, Director

HARA Community 1st Advisors, LLC
Jim Gordon, Community Association Manager
Email: Jim@hmi-c1a.com
Phone: 407 476-0407
Fax: 407 392-1533
Mailing Address:  760 Florida Central Pkwy., Suite 212, Longwood, FL  32750


Bay Isle HOA Updates

Bay Isle ARC Roof Product Update

“There are two shingle products which have already been approved for new roofing in Bay Isle: 

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine’s “Weathered Shadow” which is known to match the existing roofs, as seen at 14225 Hampshire Bay Circle 


Storm Master Shake\GAF Timberline HD Architectural shingles in “Weathered Wood” as seen at 14303 Hampshire Bay Circle. Note: this is an upgraded product from the original builder shingles.

These are the new products currently used on many homes in Bay Isle and can usually be approved by the ARC within a week. 

If proposing a product that the ARC has not previously reviewed, please submit a very large sample to the ARC plus the address of a physical location of a finished roof in the Winter Garden or Windermere/Ocoee area using the same proposed product and color for the ARC to view to confirm that there will be a satisfactory end result. 

Small samples do not show colors well or display any noticeable patterns so large samples or actual shingles will be required. Extra time will be required to review any unknown products, which will need to conform to the current approved products and the existing roofs in Bay Isle. This is to maintain the cohesive aesthetic appearance of the existing community.

Please contact Jim Gordon, Community Assoc. Manager, with any questions or to submit ARC roof applications.  Thank you.” 

Bay Isle Garage Sales
Bay Isle residents have the opportunity to participate in our community garage sales twice a year in April and October.  Specific dates will be announced.

Overnight Street Parking / Speed Limit
Just a reminder - Overnight Street Parking on a regular basis is not permitted in Bay Isle. 
See Section X of the Approved ARC Guidelines. 
Bay Isle posted Speed Limit is 25 mph.

Request Street Light Repair
For information on requesting street light repair, please contact Duke Energy at the link below. It's helpful to note the Pole Number.

Winter Garden Police Department
The Winter Garden Police Department website contains some valuable information for residents of Winter Garden.  Did you know that our WGPD offers a Vacation Home Check?  For more information visit www.wgpd.com

City of Winter Garden
The city of Winter Garden offers valuable information on events, entertainment, business and much more.  Check it out!  www.cwgdn.com